Wednesday, November 3, 2010

“Last Night” Free Download

“Last Night” Free Download

This is truly incredible music. I had the opportunity this summer to volunteer at Rock Ridge Canyon for approximately 5 weeks. During the last week I was there the Peak radio station was hosting a contest for the top 20 bands in BC, called the Peak Performance Project. It was like a mini boot camp for musicians. I was working in the bakery at the time, but I had the chance to watch the bands preform every night. In our free time we had the opportunity to get to know some of the artists and hang out with them.

These songs were created by the artists as part of an assignment at "band camp". They were given the title/topic "Last Night" and asked to come up with a song and collaborate with other artists. My friends and I got to hear these songs the first time they were ever played for an audience. They did an incredible job! Check them out and get your free downloads!

Monday, May 31, 2010

inspired by "Freedom Writters"

We think we have it bad
We think we have something to cry about
Our fight is nothing
Compared to the ones
Just by surviving another day

We beat ourselves up
If we are not skinny enough
Not pretty enough
Not smart enough

They are happy
If they have something to eat
Anything to wear
Or somewhere to sleep at night

These things never even cross our minds
We have it so good
Their troubles don't even exist to us

But times are changing
Soon we will be the ones
Who are fighitng for our rights

Soon we will be the ones siting at the back of the bus
Maybe then we will know
What its like to feel pain

The real pain
Of those who have a war to fight
Not a war to create

Maybe then we will learn to be strong
And realize what we had

Does it really have to come to that?
Can we just learn now?
Before its too late
We are all people
We all deserve to live and have life.

is pain created from writing? or does writing only express it?

Sometimes I find myself writing,
Just to fill the emptiness,
Or make sense
Of internal chaos

It has become a whole new world
An escape from reality
Or a way to create a new one

Anything is possible
Fate is dictated
By ink in a feeble hand

Such power to create stories
Relive dreams and nightmares

More often than not
I find myself writing
And I don't know why
Its become a way to dissociate
Which often backfires

I write about feelings
That have been long forgotten
Repressed and neglected

Its a release
Of things I never knew needed releasing
Its an expression of emotions
Left to be discovered
Yet to be named
But felt for centuries.

Smell the rain

I've come to a place
Where I am learning
Not to lean on others
To accept their limitations
And look elsewhere
Look within.

I'm learning to find things
That are hidden in this world
I can finally
Smell the rain
I can live without this pain.

You may not care
But I won't dare
To let you drag me down

Its such a tragedy
You've gone so far
To think you were different
That you could really make a stand

But you only crumble
When it comes time to fight
You give in
Just because it feels so right

Does it feel good?
To throw away everything
That was once important?

Does it feel right?
To know you're just that girl?

I've accepted your limitations
I'm looking elsewhere

Maybe when you can cut the act
And look me in the eyes
You will see something
Farther than the end of your toes

Maybe one day
You will learn
To smell the rain
And find the hidden things
In this world
That bring true joy
The things that can never come from a boy.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Never Forget

Your silence is so deafening
Everyday I want to talk to you
But I am reminded of my effect on you
How could love be such a cruel thing?

It’s not fair for you to be so far
It kills me when I remember
We are not together anymore,

And some day soon
I’ll see someone else in your arms
And I’ll have to be okay with it

But the truth is
I’ll never be okay with it.

Why couldn’t things be the way they once were?
When I was in your arms
You would gently kiss my head
And I knew everything would be okay.

But now I’m haunted by memories of you
And each day they are fading,

I can’t remember the scent of your cologne
I can’t remember the taste of your kiss
I can’t remember the feeling of your hand in mine
But I can never forget the way you made me feel

I can never forget your tear filled eyes
I can never forget the day it ended
I can never forget the hours of crying
But hopefully one day I’ll forget the pain
And never regret the love we had.